About Us

Divine Clarity is a family business owned by Kristel Kernaghan & Darcy Kernaghan. Founded in 2007, Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre & Metaphysical Shoppe is located at 2071 Portage Avenue, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Divine Clarity Metaphysical Shoppe is a 2500 physical store offering a great variety of crystals, gemstones, wands, Reiki stone kits, books, oracle cards, colouring books, candles, incense, jewelry, pendulums, singing bowls, children's books and many treasures.  

As a Medium, Kristel understands the importance of keeping love and spirit connected to those who have passed, so we also offer memorial keepsakes, such as urn necklaces and angels, memorial candles, and more. We aim to have each person walk in instantly feeling relaxed and inspired.

Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre offers a large teaching studio that can hold up to 50 people! We have a "Zen Den" for clients to relax when in for services and workshops. Kristel's healing room can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably for group Medium readings, and the studio for even larger readings. Darcy's Hypnotherapy and healing room is charming; the perfect place to relax and heal. 

Our mission is to assist others to heal, grow, and awaken. 
We hope our products, centre, and staff will assist you on your journey.  

Many Blessings!