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Be Your Own Moon Astrologer - Divine Clarity

Be Your Own Moon Astrologer

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How we respond to the Moon's powerful influence is key to how we live our lives. The Moon sets the tone of the day and when we can register the Moon's sign, we know what to expect and how to operate at our maximum level. Understanding these signs and cycles allows us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and those around us; it gives a beneficial tool that can be used to grant ourselves deeper knowledge of a friend, partner, or boss, and how to get along smoothly with them. Be Your Own Moon Astrologerexplores the meaning and usefulness of the Moon each calendar day, how to make the most of our time, the Moon's relationship with other planets in our solar system, and how to use those important aspect-relationships to fine tune our planning. When all of these elements work together, we can take charge of our lives in a positive, healthy, and proactive way.

Author: Heather Roan Robbins
Product dimensions:160 pages, 5.98 X 4.53 X 0.7 in
Published:February 12, 2019
Publisher:Ryland Peters & Small

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