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Cast Iron Moon Goddess Cauldron 4.5" - Divine Clarity

Cast Iron Moon Goddess Cauldron 4.5"

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Cauldrons can be used to burn incense, resin, herbs, and candles.  They can also be used as an offering bowl or meditation or divination tool.  Cast iron cauldrons are exceptionally durable.

Typically cauldrons represents the element of Water on the altar. Cauldrons are feminine and womblike, the vessel in which life begins. 

Symbol: The power of the goddess lies in her inner knowledge of nature, her acceptance of who she really is and her capacity to work with the phases of the moon in tune with the rhytm of life.

Includes: Cast iron cauldron, lid and metal handle.

Weight: 2.75 pounds
Height in Inches: 4.5
Diameter in Inches: 4.5


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