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Ritual Incense: Harmony & Balance - Divine Clarity

Ritual Incense: Harmony & Balance

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This Ritual Incense is of the highest quality, with a base of the purest essential oils. It's fragrance is very agreeable and creates an atmosphere of purity and freshness which lasts long after the incense stick has burned.

Each packet has a custom sheet indicating how to use the incense for a specific ritual.

SYMBOLISM: Its magical side is said to have an influence on the subtle atmosphere by purifying it of all negative influence. It clears the mind and helps projects succeed. It is used in rituals, ceremonies and invocations. 

  • Each stick burns for over 60 minutes and scents last even longer to provide you with a relaxing environment for longer.
  • Every incense stick is hand-dipped and infused with premium essential oils, to ensure the highest quality.
  • Every Packet contains 20 x 60-minute sticks / 35 grams.
  • Beautiful fragrance of frankincense.

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