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Cosmic Detox - Divine Clarity

Cosmic Detox

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Revealing the detoxification and rejuvenation practices of the Taoist sages, Master Mantak Chia and William U. Wei show how to reactivate your body's self-healing abilities by gradually and safely expelling accumulated toxins through fasting, mono diets, and cleansing the nine openings of the body. Using the practices of chi self-massage and healing sounds along with natural recipes for herbal tonics and cleansing flushes for each of the openings and their related organs, the authors explain how to balance and purify the body's internal environment through acid and alkaline foods, urine therapy, colonic cleanses, dry skin brushing, ear candling, and energized water. Concluding with a 14-day total-body cleansing program, Cosmic Detox offers tools to keep the energy rivers clean and flowing, preparing the body for higher level Taoist practices as well as enabling healing of our emotional and spiritual bodies.

  •  Paperback | 176 pages
  •  152 x 229 x 10mm | 297g
  •  Destiny Books,U.S.
  •  Rochester, VT, United States
  •  English
  •  Original
  •  52 b&w illustrations
  •  1594773777
  •  9781594773778

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