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Crystal Grid Cloth - Flower of Life

Crystal Grid Cloth - Flower of Life

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1  grid mat


12" by 12 "


Made from 100% cotton and a shimmering golden thread. Washable fabric. Hand wash cold water. Portable for easy travel. 

Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth 

Crystal Grids have a pattern laid out for you, helping you to place crystals in the right position to enhance their power. Even though crystals by themselves are powerful, and plenty to choose from, crystal grids are more effective because you can direct the power of multiple crystals towards one goal.

One of the most mysterious symbols of sacred geometry, and yet one that holds so much power. In whichever civilization you take a look, in any part of the world, the Flower Of Life symbol keeps popping out. The pattern is also found in many crystals and keeps repeating itself on micro and macro scales like every symbol of sacred geometry. The Flower Of Life Crystal Grid symbolizes the connection between what was, what is and what will ever be. 

You can make a DIY crystal grid by placing crystals in geometric patterns and setting your intentions towards a specific goal. Crystal grid cloths are ideal for creating any type of crystal grid you would like.

Crystal grid layouts use sacred geometry shapes to manifest crystal healing goals faster than a single stone can do. The combinations of crystal grids you can make are infinite, just choose crystals whose spiritual properties are aligned with your intentions and goals.