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Crystal Grid Cloth - Metatron - Divine Clarity

Crystal Grid Cloth - Metatron

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1  grid mat 


12" by 12 "


Made from 100% cotton and a shimmering golden thread. Washable fabric. Hand wash cold water. Portable for easy travel. 

Metatron's Cube Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Cloth Mat

Archangel Metatron, the angel of life oversees the flow of energy into a design called Metatron's Cube, which contains all of the geometric shapes in God's creation and represents the patterns that make up everything God has made. Metatron's Cube contains every shape that exists within the universe. Those shapes are the building blocks of all physical matter, the five platonic solids. The cube is also said to be a symbol of protection.

You can make a DIY crystal grid by placing crystals in geometric patterns and setting your intentions towards a specific goal. Crystal grid cloths are ideal for creating any type of crystal grid you would like. Crystal grid layouts use sacred geometry shapes to manifest crystal healing goals faster than a single stone can do. The combinations of crystal grids you can make are infinite, just choose crystals whose spiritual properties are aligned with your intentions and goals.

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