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Daily Magic - Divine Clarity
Daily Magic - Divine Clarity

Daily Magic

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A year-long collection of spells and rituals for harnessing the magical power of each day from the author of the Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells.
We all could use a little magic in our daily lives. But while the year is filled with mystical dates, we don’t always know when and how to celebrate them. By knowing and preparing for these special days we can use their inherent power to change our lives.

Daily Magic is a perpetual calendar focused on days of spiritual and magical significance. April 30th for example, is perfect for spellcasting—especially spells for love, romance, fertility, and prosperity. Judika Illes teaches you how to create rituals and cast spells, provides recipes for potions, and offers advice on creating feasts to honor sacred beings.

Author:  Judika Illes 
Publisher: HarperOne
15.24 x 3.63 x 22.86 cm
Includes: Book of 592 pages

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