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Eye Pillow - Kind Heart Cover - Divine Clarity
Eye Pillow - Kind Heart Cover - Divine Clarity

Eye Pillow - Kind Heart Cover

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Description: This herbal eye pillow will assist with relaxation, meditations and journeys. Filled with a special blend of flax seeds, herbs, essential oils and small crystals.  These eye pillows are handcrafted by our Divine Clarity team. 

Purpose: Ideal for personal use or on clients during a healing session. When one covers their eyes and are in complete darkness it can activate the pineal gland and enhance psychic visions and impressions. For this reason these eye pillows are great to use in meditation and shamanic journeys. The blend of herbs, oils, and crystals enhances relaxation and peace. 

Can also be cooled or heated to assist with aches or pains, headaches, etc. As the cover contains velcro. Remove before heating!

Includes: One eye pillow insert and one removable washable cover.

**Please note pillow shown in image is folded.**

Dimensions: approx. 9"x4.5", 281 grams

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