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Essential Tarot - Divine Clarity

Essential Tarot

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This incredible deck represents the powerful symbols of tarot in their most pure, essential form. Conceptually evocative and spiritually transformative, these cards provide an amazingly clear experience when reading; the simple illustrations allow more and more of the reader's intuition and experience to fill the cards, creating a uniquely rich perspective. This deck is perfect for learning the meaning of the tarot symbols, too. When you discover the raw energy that flows from pure symbols, your intuitive senses will awaken and you will experience the deep insights that you desire.

  • Author: Pablo Montt
  •  Cards | 16 pages
  •  65 x 120 x 33mm | 272g
  •  Torino, Italy
  •  English
  •  8865276509
  •  9788865276501


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