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Meditation for Happiness CD - Divine Clarity

Meditation for Happiness CD

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Meditations for Happiness 3 CD set

Rick Hanson, PhD the author of the bestselling book "Buddha's Brain " shows us how we can rewire our brains for improved happiness in our lives. It has been shown extensively now that brain plasticity, that is the ability to chang our brain can can occur any age and not just in young people as previously thought.

Content of CD's

CD 1

  • What is happiness and why is it important ?
  • Can you increase your happiness?
  • The brain's evolution and happiness
  • Rewiring the negativity bias of the brain
  • Getting on your own side
  • Guided meditation: happiness and gratitude

CD  2

  • Taking good care of yourself
  • Guided meditation: self compassion
  • The inner protector
  • Guided meditation: the inner protector
  • What's reliable in life
  • Guided meditation: taking refuge in what's reliable
  • Learning how to let go
  • Guided meditation: letting go
  • Taking an inventory of the good things in your life

CD 3

  • Guided meditation: The Big Space of Awareness
  • Exercise: Being for yourself
  • Exercise: Working through an Upset
  • Happiness as our Natural State
  • Guided Meditation; Coming Home to Happiness

Total running time  3 hours 41 mins

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