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Oracle of the Fairies - Divine Clarity
Oracle of the Fairies - Divine Clarity

Oracle of the Fairies

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Oracle of the Fairies is a modern deck for people who love nature and know that there is more to life than what can be seen with our physical eyes - use this oracle as the portal to the realm of fairy magic and manifest your way to wonders untold!

Created by Karen Kay, renowned fairy communicator, Oracle of the Fairies will guide you to seek out fairy wisdom and receive concrete answers that will bring inspiration and solutions to everyday questions. Each reading will share positive and practical fairy insight, directly related to your unique energy and personal circumstances.

Use this deck as a tool to forge your own path in life with wisdom and confidence - easily done when you can readily communicate with your fairy guides through these cards!

'[Karen's] ability to bring people together in a joyous and creative space has grown from small gatherings to the major events she now hosts.' - Brian and Wendy Froud, authors of Brian Froud's Faeries' Tales

Product Code: 9781788173230
Author: Karen Kay
Vendor: Hay House
133 x 198 x 34mm | 325g
01 Oct 2019

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