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Supercharge Divination Kit - Divine Clarity

Supercharge Divination Kit

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Enhance your intuitive skills and accuracy.

Use our Supercharge Divination Kit with:
Pendulum Dowsing & L-Rod Dowsing
Tarot Cards & Divination Card Decks
Black Mirror & Crystal Ball Scrying
Rune Casting • I Ching • Ouija Board
Any other form of divination

Authors: Jonathan Goldman & George Goodenow

“The combination of psycho-acoustic and sacred sounds creates a sonic resonance that is both gentle and powerful, allowing the listener to access higher levels of consciousness.” – Jonathan Goldman

Never before published, and an exclusive product from Xeonix, new sonics on this CD have been specifically created by Healing Sounds® pioneer Jonathan Goldman to enhance the divination process.

Supercharge Divination Kit includes:

  • Instruction and booklet
  • Supercharge Divination CD with 11 different divination frequencies
  • Charts with full instructions (Charts can be used with muscle testing)

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