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Zisha Buddha Backflow Incense Holder - Divine Clarity

Zisha Buddha Backflow Incense Holder

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This beautiful Zisha Buddha Ceramic Backflow incense burner features a peaceful buddha praying on a moon crescent nicely carved with little designs making it an inspiring yet lovely decoration item to use at home or anywhere needed. Perfect for meditation or relaxation time while it gently lets the fragrant incense smoke flow down in a cascade movement.

Enjoy watching the cascading smoke of the Backflow Incense. Combine your choice of scent with the mesmerizing effect of smoke descending like flowing water. This magical Backflow Incense Burner is a beautiful addition to your home, yoga studio, office, and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a peaceful and aromatic atmosphere.

How To Use

  • Choose a flat area away from breezes or fast-moving air
  • Place a back flow incense cone on the top of the burner, ensuring the hole on the bottom of the incense lines up with the hole on the burner
  • Light the incense cone with a match or lighter
  • Wait a few minutes and watch the smoke slowly cascade to display a magical waterfall


  • After cone has burned down, it will leave an ash residue
  • Simply wipe incense area with a damp towel and let dry
  • Burn time: approximately 15 minutes for each incense cone. Incense cones sold separately

Quantity: 1 Zisha Buddha Backflow Incense Holder

Dimensions: 4.75″ x 5″

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